Sports Cards and Memorabilia – Why People Collect

Collecting sports cards and memorabilia is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Over the last century the sports collectibles hobby has transformed from a childish pursuit into a multi-billion dollar international industry.UFABET

People collect sports card and memorabilia for a variety of reasons that range from pure enjoyability to Wall-Street like investment ambitions.  Here are the most common reasons that people collect sports cards and memorabilia

  1. To show support – Most, if not all collectors of sports collectibles are huge sports fans. Collecting is a way of a person to show support to a sports superstar or to the basketball, baseball, or football team a person idolizes.
  2. To keep the momentum – Through memorabilia, action cards, photos, or those magazine clippings, you keep that nostalgic feel of the won championship, that record-breaking home run, or that legendary dunk.  Sports memorabilia simply capture winning moments and immortalize them.
  3. To get connected – It is amazing how a tiny signature on sports trading cards makes you connected to that athletic star you admire.  This is one reason why fans could not just get enough of autographed sports memorabilia. Another advantage of being a sports collector is you get to meet people of same interest and passion.  Before you realize it, you will find yourself in a network of both novice and expert hobbyists who would help you know more about the sports collectibles industry and help you grow your collection.  There is a pool of learning in interaction.
  4. To be involved and know the sport better – More than knowing about the hobby, collecting sports memorabilia keeps you more involved of the sports itself.  Many collectible sports cards do not only display images of your favorite athletes, cards also bear facts about the athlete, technical information about the sport that he plays, etc.  A collector becomes a sports enthusiast.
  5. To earn money / invest – The sports memorabilia market has become a big industry through the years that is why investing in sports cards, baseball bats, hockey shirts, etc. is a feasible business endeavor. Evidences of the growing market are the online sports collectible auctions, sports forums, and online shops.

Countless pieces of sports collectibles had already been sold for thousands to millions of dollars especially if they are rare. An example of valuable rare sports memorabilia is the baseball that Mark McGwire hit for the 62nd home run in 1998 (breaking the Roger Maris’ single-season 61 home run record).  The ball was sold for more than a million US dollars. A soccer shirt of Pele, the greatest footballer of all time, was sold for $ 224,000.
There are other rare collectible sports items which may not have as much value as those mentioned above, but will earn you bucks as well. All you need to do is to be very much oriented with the sports memorabilia market.

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